Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Spent the day on my feet cleaning house. Oh it hurts bad. I'll spend the evening with it up, watching TV. Doesn't happen too often anymore but when it does it hurts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've said my bit

Finally, after almost two years, I had a meeting with my lawyer on thursday to prepare for the 'discovery' with the other lawyer. I had to go through every minute detail of the accident and how I remembered it. The 'discovery' took about three hours, 90% of it was me being questioned. It is very intimidating, just because it means so much and it's all very legal. Hopefully it will be all settled out of court and this can all be behind me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer fun

It's been a long time. Still there are times when my foot feels almost perfect. Shoes continue to to be my nemesis. So much depends on the shoe I am wearing. How about you guys?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So you can see how my right foot has this big bump on it. I wish it wasn't there. It causes problems with shoes and it's freekin' ugly!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shoes, oh, glorious shoes

I have been wearing my black flats since just before the accident. I like them. They are comfy most of the time. Too bad shoes wear out. I used to look forward to buying new shoes. I love strappy, cute shoes. I used to go to Payless in the States and buy half a dozen shoes at a time. Off I went to the mall. I have too many shoes now that I can't wear. I have seriously narrowed my options. My left foot (good one) is 8 9/10" around the lisfranc joint. My right foot is 9 6/10ths. That is quite a big bump and it doesn't look very cute in strappy, little shoes. So, my search began. And my frustration grew. I was a little taken aback by my embarassment at how ugly my foot looked. I never really felt that way before. I ended up buying a pair of black flats, pretty comfy but they cost $100.00. I will NEVER wear those orthodic shoes so I guess this will be my frustration for many years to come.
I have learned that the most comfortable shoes are either a 'kitten heel', my running shoes, or my black flats with a tiny bit of a rubber heel. It makes it a bit more difficult to find just the right shoe, and it made me sad to pass by those strappy, cute shoes because they don't fit my narrowed option. I dread trying to buy sandals.
After all that has been said, it could be worse. I could have lost my foot altogether. Maybe I should learn to count my blessing instead of bitching....not likely LOL

Monday, March 16, 2009

Long walks are out...

My sister, niece and I decided to take the three doggies for a walk. It was such a beautiful sunny day, unusual for mid March. We walked about 3 km. I knew that it was a couple of blocks too much. My foot hurt.
It didn't take long for my foot to start tightening up once I got home. I took 2 advil but the pain was pretty bad, about 5. It lasted all evening. That was yesterday. Even today, my foot is still more sore than usual. I enjoy parking my car 1 km. from work and walking but I guess a 3k walk was too much.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Follow up

Wow how time flies!!! I just read back about the past year and a half. What an incredible journey. I was curious to see if I would have changed any of the decisions that were made. I have to tell you that it all was done the best way to come to the best outcome.

I very rarely have any swelling in my foot now. There are still many shoes that I can't wear because my injured foot is still bigger around the joint. I don't have a limp at all. If I have been sitting for a long period of time, it does take a few steps to 'loosen' up the joint. If I am wearing running shoes (which I tend to do often) I am quite comfortable. I gave up on high heels. Flat shoes are very painful. Not worth it anymore. But with the right shoes I feel I could walk for however long I wanted now.

It's not 100%, I still can't squeeze my toes as much and I still have the numbness across the top of my foot. The shape of my foot is completely different too.

I still would not have changed a thing and I am very thankful for the wonderful Doctors that I had.